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lol [ Fri | 04/10/09 | 12:55pm]
I found this again. It has been 193 weeks since me and all my tennage angst spilled my melodrama on this thing. Oh the past is some funny shit, i tell you.
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Yoooo!!!! [ Sun | 07/24/05 | 8:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I have to be at work in like an hour. Work sucks. I get paid friday, means i get my car on the road again. Ummmm, im bored. I just wrecked this guy on party poker, the moron went all in on a pair of sixes. retard. ok someone leave me loving messages cause yeah id like that alot.

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[ Sun | 07/17/05 | 6:28am]
oh and does anyone see how fat i was in the pic on my icon. damn i used to be huge!!!!!!! ok i have eating disorder.
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[ Sun | 07/17/05 | 6:27am]
dorkXcore is back bitches!!!!

oh and laura, i love you, see i wrote somthing about you.
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[ Tue | 07/05/05 | 7:24pm]
Ive had a lot on my mind recently. i got a new job, which sucks. im working all the time. my first day i had to work a double shift. i hate everyone i work with. my boss is an ass. my parents have been on their little swing, what that swing is im not sure but it includes them yelling at me every chance they get. you know how you get that feeling how you just want to lash out punching stuff, running around screaming but you cant. like you have all this rage and energy built up, and its just a matter of time before you cant control it no more. i feel sorry for whom ever im around when the flood gate finally does open.
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[ Thu | 06/30/05 | 9:37pm]
Please leave a one word comment that you think best describes me and

It can only be one word. No more.

Then copy/paste this in
your journal so I may leave a word about you.
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Holy Crap!!!!!!! [ Thu | 06/16/05 | 2:09pm]
im having so much trouble with the financial aid office at school. i have been waiting like 4 days for an answer, each day they are saying that "it'll be done today". today i got on the phone with the supervisor over it and she had me fax some more stuff, and again assured me that today ill get an answer about how much money i can get. i dont know if i should believe it this time or what. after all they have said that for the past 4 days but this time its coming from the top. and get this, the lady that was working on my packet before screwed up, like putting me down as a war vet, and saying im going for my masters. ugh, sometimes i thing it might not be worth it. im also thinking of how bad it could possibly be. living in a dorm with 1 or 3 other guys, dosnt sound too fun to me, especially if they are the normal crazy miami type. on other ranting news i was listening to this christan radio show with my dad yesterday and they started talking about that shivo lady again, and again they stuck their foot in their mouths and made themselves out to be morons. thats not really news as they always do that. but i just wonder why on earth they just cant give it a rest, i mean they are always bitching about somthing, which in turn causes me to take time out of my day to bitch about them bitching. ok im done for now, but tune in next week for another exciting episode.
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[ Thu | 06/02/05 | 10:04pm]
just so you all know, i hate artistic movies. i think people say oh its "artistic" when really all it is is a very bad movie. i havnt been on in ahwile, acctually a long while, but yeah im on now. in news....i was up in ohio visiting friends and someone gave me methadone without me knowing, apparently im allergic to it and stopped brething and went to the hospital and they put a tube down my throat and i was in icu for most of my trip. it sucked. other than that ive been peachy.
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[ Thu | 07/15/04 | 12:23am]
its a different day, put on a brandnew face, sit sideways, cause im sick of your ways, in the dark of night, im begging for a fight, just to feel, just to see you in a different light. come back my way, dont walk away, its prolly the wrong way, but its a different way.

goodbye sarah, i hope ill see you soon. the pictures are framed, in memories remains, simple things are complicated motions. its cold outside, as cold as my insides, but ill see you soon, can i see you soon. goodbye sarah goodbye the days that held us. goodbye memories will the memories hold us

here you go laura, and all others, and sarah the one i got from you.
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in the mind of me...... [ Mon | 06/14/04 | 8:37pm]
ok this entry is going to be very random.

first off i must say i know no one is perfect, but i have this problem with telling myself that someone is, and then i find out somthing about them that lets me know that they're not.

somthings are best left unsaid.
somthings are best kept secrets.

i remember when things were so easy. when i was in control, when they were the ones falling for me. im not used to this.
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[ Sun | 05/23/04 | 3:29pm]
new coheed album june 26th................i think so..........oh i cant wait.......its alittle soon but i have faith in them
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[ Sat | 05/15/04 | 12:38pm]
so.......yeah....i went to see chris the other day. it was horrible. he has changed so much. and it really makes me sad how he is now. i left work at 6 the other morning and drove up there. got there around 9 30. got to his apartment. i honestly dont see how someone could live there. it was very disturbing. the whole time i was there he pretty much got high the whole time. that was lame. he went to work. i hung out with his girlfriend and her friends. it was quite boring. we went to pick him up. he got high somemore. then he went to bed. after sitting there........and realizing i wasnt about to sleep there......i left. and driving that far when you havnt slept for 32 hours is not a good idea. but i made it home thanks to mad croc, coffee, and caffine pills. the whole trip all i kept thinking about was how chris was, and how i really didnt know him anymore. and it showed. we didnt really talk very much. when i left i wanted to cry. about how his life was turning out, the friend i lost, and how he'll feel the moment he realizes that hes fucking his life up. it sucks.

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[ Sat | 05/08/04 | 8:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well today was fun. i had a really bad night lastnight. and slept until like 4 30 today. mostly because i stayed up and talked to a friend of mine until like 9 30. but woke up in a blah mood. then went running. went to countryside mall. went to hot topic to buy a cd and stuff. got hit on hardcore style,by a hot hardcore chick. it was great. at first i thought she was being mean. but then she was like i only talk to people i like blah blah and i was like oh shes mackin'......it was uber fun. well i have to work tonight and tho i slept all day im tired. i need to start meeting new people that are acctually into the same things i am. imma start going to shows by myself cause yeah..........im cool and im sure i wont be by myself for long.


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[ Fri | 05/07/04 | 3:02pm]
went to the castle lastnight. it was mostly fun. a couple bad things happened. some really bad things. so im going to see chris next week in st augustine. that should prove intresting. like my dad said "you havnt seen him since you stole his girlfriend" which isnt exactly how id put it but i think thats how he thinks of it. im debating weather i want to go home and go to sleep or go get my guitar now. fuck decisions decisions. im so tired and i know i need to sleep more before work. but i really want a guitar so i can be all chris carraba like. and sarah so taught me 2 cords. but she'll so me more. ill make her.......even if i have to tie her up and force her too. so i called off work lastnight. and everyone at work is concerned. i went to get my check to pay my phone bill and what not. and well.......they were like "you feeling better?". so that was cool. i mean atleast they care right? so i know i was bitching about making friends. and now that i have i dont like some of the people ive started hanging out with very much. so imma have to cut some people loose. cause it aint nothin but a g thang baby.

so ill leave you with the famous words of cube:

"theres one bitch in the world, one bitch with many faces"
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[ Mon | 05/03/04 | 3:37am]
well i am updating
ummm tonight was my birthday.
it went bad.
if yuo know me and i like you im me and ill tell you about it.
it sucks.
and i just hope next year isnt this bad.

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[ Sun | 04/25/04 | 9:08pm]
being a good person never got me anywhere. im so confused right now. i have alot on my mind. fuck i wish i didnt have to work tonight. im tired still. i slept but i kept getting interupted by my fucking thoughts. i need to get drunk. very drunk. cause yeah its hard to think to much when your drunk.
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[ Sun | 04/18/04 | 11:23pm]
i finally see what it has been thats been bothering me. here i sit at my house, more depressed than i have been in a long time, and i have no one. no ones shoulder to cry on. no one who cares.i have no life. i get all excited when some just fucking talks to me.or wants to hangout every once in ahwile. i hate how people have lives and i dont. i fucking look at someone whos happy going through their life and i get so pissed. i mean yes i could move away to a few places and id have people...but if i move ill not get through school. i know this. if i move to ohio again ill get into the same drug induced walking coma i was in before. and i really dont know about the jacksonville thing with chris. i love how people say no matter what ill always be here for you. well fuck you, your not here, and im sure you dont even fucking care. all these so called friends ive had since ive been in florida. where are they? theyve left me for this reason or that. no one is my friend no matter what. i have people i talk to online that are sincerly concered and im happy for that. but its not the same. i fucking hate life........i hate my life......and i hate what i see for me in the future. say what you want i dont care this post is how im feeling at the time, and im sure ill get ims on how im and immature asshole like i did the last time i posted somthing like this. but if stating how i sincerly feel at the time is immature than fuck you im immature.
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nipple pic [ Sun | 04/18/04 | 10:29pm]
my nipple ring.....bad pic like all my pics cause my cameras a bitch!!!

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[ Fri | 04/16/04 | 2:54pm]
so i got the nipples pierced..........that and the tattoo on my back you might get this irish guy out of his shirt.
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[ Fri | 04/16/04 | 1:18am]
the beautiful samantha in our park adventures........fun........

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